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With the increasing intensity of storms, residential stormwater detention has become more important than ever. One of the main reasons for implementing residential stormwater detention is to prevent flooding. During heavy rain events, large volumes of stormwater can accumulate and overwhelm the local drainage systems, leading to flooding in homes and businesses. Stormwater detention systems capture and temporarily store excess rainwater, releasing it slowly into the local drainage system to prevent flooding.

In 2022, The City of Houston amended its stormwater detention regulations to address flooding and erosion caused by stormwater runoff. These regulations apply to new construction, redevelopment, and significant changes to properties.

Detention Requirements

For new construction or significant redevelopment, the property must detain a specific amount of stormwater runoff based on the site's size and location. The detention requirements vary depending on the drainage basin the site is located in and the type of development being proposed.

Drainage Design Criteria

The City of Houston has specific design criteria for drainage systems that must be met to ensure that stormwater is properly managed. These criteria address issues such as runoff rates, pipe sizing, and the use of detention ponds or underground detention systems.

Land Disturbance

Land disturbance activities, such as excavation, grading, or paving, must comply with the City of Houston's stormwater quality design manual to minimize the amount of sediment and pollutants that enter the stormwater system.

Erosion and Sediment Control

The City of Houston requires that construction sites implement erosion and sediment control measures to prevent soil erosion and sedimentation from entering the stormwater system.


The property owner is responsible for maintaining the stormwater detention system to ensure that it continues to function properly and meet the City of Houston's requirements.


The City of Houston requires a stormwater permit for certain types of development and land disturbance activities. This permit ensures that the project meets the City of Houston's stormwater detention requirements and other regulations.

Implementing residential stormwater detention can also increase the value of a property. Homes with well-designed stormwater detention systems are often more attractive to buyers because they are less likely to flood, have better water quality, and are less prone to erosion. This can result in higher property values and increased resale potential. Overall, residential stormwater detention is an important tool for managing stormwater and protecting the environment. By implementing these systems, communities can reduce flooding, control erosion, improve water quality, and increase property values.

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